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About the Artist


Lisa was born in Fort Worth, Texas, and throughout her childhood she enjoyed the creative influence and artistic instruction of her father Michael Gonzalez, a well-known muralist and billboard painter. Through his tutelage she developed great skill in both the artwork and advertising industries. Mrs. Davila is quickly establishing a reputation as an honest, talented, and reliable faux finisher in both the Dallas Fort Worth and South West Florida areas. Her work is showcased on both the interior and exterior of the finest and most well-decorated estates and commercial buildings along the Gulf Coast. Her skill set boasts a wide array of visual possibilities for walls, ceilings, beams, and pillars throughout the architectural space: she can convincingly render marble, metal, wood, bamboo, and all other techniques on any paintable surface to enhance the aesthetic appeal and market value of the building. Her artistic design can improve the openness and energy of any room. A non-exhaustive list of her past faux creations would include colorwashes, raised plaster, marbled pillars, wood-grained beams, and accent paintings of bamboo and native Floridian flora. She can competently execute every conceivable faux technique to realize her client's vision. Her work is not limited to advertising and faux finishing but also encompasses all other types of fine and decorative art as well as simple yet clean straight painting. She will exceed the expectations of the most demanding client, no matter what the application requires. Her sparkling personality, honesty, fair dealing, and dedication to the fulfillment of her client's vision make the decorative process entirely enjoyable from conception to completion. 


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